Product Spotlight - New Scaffold Boards

Product Spotlight - New Scaffold Boards

Posted by Tom Pepper on

We may specialise in reclaimed boards, but we love new boards too!

Our main focus has always been our Reclaimed Scaffold Boards. People love these for their character and rustic charm, and they'll always be the core of our business.

However, many of you love the scaff board's shape and size but want a newer version, either to make in to your own creative piece of furniture or shelving, or to give a new look to cladding or decking. We totally understand - "rustic" has it's place and sometimes a New Scaffold Board can be just the thing for your particular project.

We make it nice and easy to buy

We're pleased to say that we now ship any quantity of New Scaffold Board, from a single board to bulk orders. We'll even cut the board down to any length or width, so you can literally order just 1ft of new board if that's what you're after. We'll courier deliver straight to you, anywhere in the UK.

We don't know of any other company that offers such a versatile and yet individual service.

The best quality boards

It's important to note that our boards are the best standard of board available. They're kite-marked and meet the current, modern british standard (BS2482:2009). Look for the heart shaped kite mark on any new boards that you come across as this shows they are the best standard available.

Feeling like there's just too much choice?

We know what you mean. Old board? New board? Oiled, or left as they are? Sanded by hand or by machine? Or not at all? If you're unsure on what's best for your particular project then just get in touch. You can pop us an email on and we'll do our very best to help.

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