Introducing Our New "SKINNY" Scaffold Boards!

Introducing Our New "SKINNY" Scaffold Boards!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Our boards went and got skinny!

Standard size scaffold boards are great, we all know that. But after our Chunky Boards turned out to be so popular we realised that some of you out there love it when we mess with something already good. So now we are pleased to introduce the chunky board's slimmer friend - the Skinny Board.

Most scaffold boards are 38mm thick and with a width of 225mm, this is the standard size. However we have taken the standard board and ripped it to a width of 100mm instead of 225mm (the 38mm thickness stays the same). This makes the width more akin to pallet wood, and therefore gives a long, slim aesthetic to each piece. This makes it ideal for cladding or feature walls as each board is easier to handle and fit.

Exactly the same as a standard board but skinnier

They are exactly the same as a standard scaffold board in all ways, except for being 100mm rather than 225mm in width.

This saves you the work of ripping them down to size and also is a much cheaper way of achieving this when compared to buying the full board and adding a rip cut option on our website.

As standard, we offer these unsanded, sanded, and as a "special"

We are offering these in all our standard options. This means you can have the board reclaimed in either unsanded, sanded, or special, or you can opt for the new option in unsanded, sanded, or special. The choice is yours!

As always, please feel free to get in touch ( if you have any questions at all. We would love to hear from you.

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