Look Mum, I'm Famous!

Look Mum, I'm Famous!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Ok so maybe "famous" is a bit of a stretch...

We may not yet be on the A-list, but we did make it on to the cover of our local magazine, The List, which in our opinion is the best list of all. A well cherished local publication, The List is the ultimate guide to our incredible town of Frome. And yours truly graces the front cover. In fact not just me, but also the owner of The Scaff Shop, Jack. I'll let you work out who is who, but lets just say big muscles don't count for everything and I can run faster than he can.

What does the story say?

The article tells how Jack started the business during lockdown, and how although it was a very uncertain time to do so, it was the headspace given by the lockdown that allowed an idea to become a reality. I won't give any more away, you'll have to grab a copy to find out the full story! You'll be able to read the latest edition online (see here) when it goes live.

Where next?

I'm just waiting for a slew of modelling offers to come in, perhaps a spot on a national TV ad, or if I'm lucky I might end up on a Colgate leaflet. On a serious note, we've hopefully got some big news coming soon for The Scaff Shop in terms of a relocation, but until things are firmed up a little I cannot say more. Keep an eye on our blog to be the first to know!


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