New Product - Scaffold Tube Fittings

New Product - Scaffold Tube Fittings

Posted by Tom Pepper on

We now offer original scaffold fittings!

Following on from the success of our Scaffold Tubes and the Tube Clamps that we added last year, we now offer original Scaffolding Fittings. These are pre-used but still in perfectly good condition, and the fact of them being used gives them an authenticity and appearance that matches the rustic quality of so many of our other items.

These are available as the following:
- Single Coupler (STF01)
- Double Coupler (STF02)
- Swivel Coupler (STF03)
- Sleeve Coupler (STF04)
- Joint Pin Coupler (STF05)

Original and functional

Our scaffold fittings are the real deal - as used in scaffold structures world-wide. They've come straight from being used on site in the UK, so we can guarantee that they are as authentic as it gets.

They are operated using a spanner, so can be a bit fiddly to those who have never used them before, but in a scaffolders hands they are put in place and tightened up in a matter of seconds, which is what makes them so ideal for their original use. They are robust, strong, and very well suited to joining tubes together.


What we like the most about them is that they just look so industrial - they're made from pressed steel which patinas to a wonderful and completely unique finish. This raw look joins the timber to the scaffold tubes not only functionally, but also aesthetically too. 


Best of all, they're cheap as chips. Check out the links above for up-to-date pricing, but they tend to vary between £2.99 - £3.99 in price, making them a very cost-effective alternative to other systems such as the key clamps that we offer.

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