Why Use Reclaimed Scaffold Boards?

Why Use Reclaimed Scaffold Boards?

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Are they actually any good? Or are we just biased?.....

At The Scaff Shop we're all about reclaimed timber, in particular reclaimed scaffold boards. But we are in to it for a reason - it's blimmin' good stuff. Don't want to just take our word for it? Read on to find out more...


We think that the greatest thing about reclaimed scaffold boards is their character. There's nothing quite like a bit of timber that has had a bit of a journey since leaving the timber yard. Yes, yes...new and planed timber can look all clean and smooth, but that's just boring isn't it - they all look exactly the same. Reclaimed boards on the other hand are each unique and each board tells a story. The dinks and scuffs make them not only visually interesting, but also add an intriguing character to the board. They're the driftwood of the industrial timbers.


It's incredible the number of uses that can be found for a scaffold board. You only have to check out our Photo Inspiration page for some of the many ways our customers have utilised them, or check out our previous blogs, Customer Projects #1, #2, and #3.

Our boards have been used for all sorts, from custom shelving to furniture, to garden borders and outside bars. The timber is strong, sturdy, and stable enough to be put to many different applications. If you think about it, the boards are originally designed for being stood on and loaded on to, often many dozens of feet above the ground, so they're built to be tough and to last.


We offer boards at a really competitive price. At the time of writing this, both our 13ft reclaimed unsanded boards and our 13ft new unsanded boards are £27.50, compared to prices of £33 at Jewson's, £52 at Buildbase, and £42.25 at Wickes. Not only this, we specialise in these boards, so all of our new and old boards are carefully selected - we don't send out twisted or damaged timber like some other timber merchants do.

Further to this, we offer both collection from our warehouse in Frome, Somerset, and delivery nationwide at a very competitive price. Try opting for delivery on many sites and you'll be looking at upwards of £70 or sometimes as much as £100 for just one board. We can ship a single 13ft board for £39.99 and offer discounts for higher quantities. We always keep our shipping prices at cost and continuously try to secure the most competitive rates possible, so that we can pass these on to our customers.

We can offer so many extra services

On top of the price and quality of our boards, we also offer some really great extra services, which can't be found at the main timber merchants. We'll cut to any length required as well as "rip" the board to a required width. We remove end bands as standard to save you the hard work, and we offer sanded boards and "special" flamed or coloured boards too, so you can have a wonderfully unique finished timber.

We can even offer "jointed" boards, that's two boards already fixed side-by-side, and a whole range other variations on a scaffold board from Shelf Kits to Furniture.

The one-stop shop for reclaimed boards

We're passionate about all our products. We love working with them, selling them, and we especially love seeing what our customers do with them after. We pride ourselves on our service, prices, and quality, and we are constantly striving for ways to offer an even better customer experience and product.

If you have any questions at all then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We'll do our best to help you with your project or with any queries you might have about our range of items.

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