Now Offering New Kiln Dried Scaffold Boards!

Now Offering New Kiln Dried Scaffold Boards!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Our new boards are now kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content

We're super excited to now be offering our kiln dried new boards which have been dried to a low moisture content of 8-12%. This is great news for anyone using them to make furniture or for use in any other setting where stability of the board is very important.

A common issue with new boards is that they often come with a much higher moisture content, meaning that they can end up twisting, bowing, cupping and splitting as they slowly dry out, far more than older and more stable reclaimed boards. Having been dried in a kiln, these boards will be far more stable.

Great for trade!

So if you're looking for new boards to make any furniture or shelving, or to use as cladding, flooring or decking, these boards will be easier to work with than standard new boards. This is great for our trade customers where moisture content is an important consideration.

We always welcome enquiries for bulk orders and will be happy to put together a price with a customised delivery quote for anyone looking to order a quantity of 30+ boards. Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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