Product Spotlight - Scaffold Board Furniture Range

Product Spotlight - Scaffold Board Furniture Range

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A workshop full of scaffold boards...

...all with unique character and grain, ready for our customers to take them away and turn them into beautiful furniture. But we can't let you have all the fun can we?

While we're not tinkering on the website, fulfilling orders, or emptying sawdust out of our pockets, we also like to turn our hands to making some furniture ourselves. Our founder, Jack, already has a history of carpentry and woodwork, but you may also have seen that we have a (not so secret) secret weapon on our team - a joiner with over 30 years experience (see here). What he doesn't know about making furniture isn't worth knowing, and as soon as he steps in to the workshop his eyes light up (we're told it's not a medical condition).

He carefully selects the scaffold boards and then gets to work measuring, cutting, biscuiting (apparently that's a woodwork term, and doesn't relate to hobnobs and a cuppa), mitering, and routing. The results are a sight to behold, and I spend most of my afternoon working out how I might snaffle them away when no one's looking. But alas, instead they are sold to you lucky souls.

The furniture range so far...

Jack and Russell have created an awesome range of furniture (see here) which already includes three different sizes of table/desk. Here's a little more information on each:

There's the Dining Table at 180cm length by 90cm width. This is perfect for any kitchen or dining room, whether it's an ultra-modern style kitchen which is just missing that rustic feature table, or a cottage style one in need of a table that will fit right in - this table does it all. We sell the table with a range of different industrial strength box-section legs or you can buy the table top on it's own and do your own thing, the choice is yours.

Our 145cm x 50cm Desk is great for offices, studies, and spare rooms, and couldn't be better timed with so many of us now working from home. I mean, we all love sitting at that bodged-together plank/table/shelf thing that our other half knocked up for us, but seeing as we might be working there for a while, why not do so in style? That's not to say these aren't competitively priced, these desks are both affordable and nice to look at. We're good like that.

Last but not least, our lovely Coffee Table at 180cm x 90cm  It's not biased - it'll take a mug of tea as well as a posh coffee, in fact, any drink looks good on this table. So do the coffee table magazines you put out whenever you've got guests. Or, lets be honest, just a spread of beer cans and takeaway containers. You won't catch it out - it looks good with anything on it.

More coming soon

Jack and Russell are already working on prototypes for some exciting new ranges, including reclaimed scaffold board benches, as well as some round designs for the tables, so there's a lot more in the pipeline. As soon as they reveal more to me (about furniture that is) then you'll all be the first to know.

If you've made it all the way through to the end of this blog then please just do one thing. Click here, have a look, and put one of our tables on your Christmas List. You won't be sorry.

And remember, if you're looking something we don't do, perhaps a different size or style, then please still get in touch. We'll be more than happy to quote for a bespoke piece.

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