Christmas Is Just Around the Corner! Find the Perfect, Original Gift at The Scaff Shop

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner! Find the Perfect, Original Gift at The Scaff Shop

Posted by Tom Pepper on

I know I's freaking us out a little too....

Where has this year gone?? Actually, it's not too hard to answer that: Covid has knocked all of our usual plans out the window, and instead we have spent the year getting used to changes to our daily routines, new anxieties and pressures in personal and work life, and a constant cycle of bad and worse news. 

If we take ourselves back to the start of 2020, I don't think any of us could have predicted the roller-coaster of emotions that we have had this year both individually and collectively. So no wonder it seems to have flown by a little quickly!

We do however like to try to look at the positives where possible, and we're feeling pretty chipper about the fact that Christmas is almost here. With Christmas comes a chance for many of us to stop for a moment, take some time off, and appreciate time spent with family and friends, eating good food, and spoiling our loved ones with gifts.

Gift picking might be a little harder than usual this year though, right?

Not necessarily! I mean, potentially yes...initially...but we all just need to think outside the box a little. Holidays, travel, and going out have all been restricted by Covid, so our usual go-to for gifts and experiences may not be quite as suitable this year. But really a gift is about giving someone a present that makes them feel good, or makes their day-to-day life that little bit more pleasant. Something that is true for many of us is that we're spending a lot more time at home and in our gardens, so making these spaces more peaceful, organised, and comfortable might just be the best gift we can give or receive.

But how can I do this?

Well....I'm not going to claim that The Scaff Shop has all the answers to this year's festive gift-giving. Personally, I'm holding out for the latest games console, but I think that might be wishful thinking. However, here at The Scaff Shop we have more than a few gift ideas which will make your home either more peaceful, organised, or comfortable, or possibly all of the above! They'll see you in to 2021 and beyond and kit your home out for the "new normal" that we're expected to have to get used to.

Let me point you in the right direction

My favourite gift idea would be any of our Scaffold Board Furniture range, but in particular I'm a big fan of the Scaffold Board Desk. In my household we've both had to work at home a lot during these lock-downs, and while we stubbornly held out with an old desk that we'd had for years, we eventually treated ourselves to a new desk and and a new chair and it's made a world of difference. We can now each sit comfortably and have an item of furniture that looks awesome. So even when we no longer have to work at home, we'll have a piece of furniture that will still look great.

My second idea would be any of our Shelf Kits. They're all great, but my favourite is the Half Scaff Shelf Kit. It's actually quite a narrow shelf, so don't expect it to hold a row of your latest lock-down literary classics. Do expect it to look awesome as a useful shelf for small items or as a feature shelf with a plant or two on. Or a row of plants (think small succulents in matching pots). Or perhaps a few hanging plants to create a cascade effect. The options are endless. You may have guessed, I love shelves that are there purely for plants. They add a great feature to any room.

There are so many other options!

So the above suggestions are quite specific, but why not create something entirely new yourself, and give that as a gift? You can purchase unsanded boards from us and you're then already halfway to an awesome gift, with reclaimed wood full of character as your starting point. Try making a planter, a shelf, or some furniture of your own. Or why not jazz up an outside space by using them for cladding, seating, borders or more - imagine your partner's or family's reaction when they see what you've created for them as a Christmas present.

We can even cut or rip to size, so all you need to do is use your imagination and create that vision, with no need for noisy sawing or cutting.


As you can see, the option are endless. That's what makes reclaimed wood such a great present. Just think of the incredible, unique character it will have, the tactile qualities (I guarantee any gift in reclaimed wood will be picked up and fiddled with endlessly on Christmas Day), and the fact that you'll have really done something different this Christmas. You'll be in the receiver's good books for a long time to come!

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