New Product - Jointed Boards!

New Product - Jointed Boards!

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We now offer many of our popular board choices in a jointed option!

One of the most frequent questions we receive is either how to join two boards together, or if it's possible for us to join two boards together for a customer. Well, we're pleased to advise that we're now able to offer a selection of jointed boards! These have all the same oil and finish options as our standard boards, and also the range of reclaimed/new/kiln options dried as usual. We'll also soon be offering this service with our chunky boards too.

At the moment we offer the following options:

- Jointed Reclaimed Sanded
- Jointed Reclaimed Special
- Jointed New Sanded
- Jointed New Special
- Jointed New Kiln Dried Sanded
- Jointed New Kiln Dried Special

What is a jointed board

A jointed board is basically two boards joined together side by side. These two boards form a wider board, with a joint in the centre, and are therefore "jointed". This means that whereas a standard board is 225mm in width, two boards combined can take the width up to 440mm (once an allowance is made for the cutting of the wood).

Why would I need one?

Jointed boards are brilliant for all sorts of purposes. The extra width suits things like work tops, shelves, window sills and much more. We offer lengths up to 13ft (approx 390cm) and can make them in any width from 225mm (one board width) to 440mm, at no extra charge. So these are perfect for any project where the width of one board just isn't quite enough.

How are the boards connected?

We use a small piece of wood called a biscuit, which, you guessed it, looks a bit like a biscuit. These are slotted in to corresponding cut outs in the edge of both boards, with a load of wood glue too, and this forms an even stronger bond than we would have if we just glued two edges together.

 Two scaffold boards Jointed with Biscuits and Glue

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