We Can Ship Every Single One of Our Items!

We Can Ship Every Single One of Our Items!

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All of our items can be shipped to UK addresses

Most of our customers are aware of this anyway, but we just wanted to post a quick reminder that we can ship all of our items to almost anywhere in the UK. It was after our last blog post detailing how we now sell scaffold tubes that we had a few enquiries about whether or not we can deliver them too (as opposed to just being available for collection), and the answer is a massive yes! As with all of our products, we have couriers in place who can deliver even the larger sizes (up to 480cm/approx 16ft in length) to your door, so please don't let distance from our Frome (Somerset) workshop put you off.

Collection available too

If you are local then you're welcome to pick up any order you place, no matter how big or small. You just need to place the order, choose the "Collect" option, and then wait for us to let you know when the order is complete.

A note on our current wait times

As you're viewing this on our website, you may have noticed the note at the top of the page explaining how we have longer than usual lead times. We usually aim to deliver orders within 10 working days of them being placed, however we have had to extend this to up to 20 working days due to having had an unusually large number of orders the last couple of months.

We are gradually catching up and we're looking at ways to increase our workshop capacity so as to avoid this in the future. As a relatively young business we are still working out how to ease out the bumps in demand when they occur.

Thank you all for your patience if you have placed an order, and thank you in advance if you are yet to! If you've placed an order and are still waiting then please feel free to contact us on hello@thescaffshop.com quoting your order number and we'll be happy to give you an update.


P.s. yes that is the owner Jack on his bike in the above photo but no it won't be him delivering, sorry!
P.p.s. if you've scrolled this far then you get a bonus out-take photo below :). Lucky you!

 Jack Owner Scaff Shop

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