New Product - Scaffold Tubes!

New Product - Scaffold Tubes!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Scaffold Tubes are now available in any length up to 480cm (approx 16ft)

As many of you will know, The Scaff Shop is sister company to a scaffold company, Scaffolding is what we live and breathe, and whilst the boards are great, the scaffold tubes we use are a super versatile product too! So much so that we have had many enquiries for them and, we've finally found the time to list these too.

The poles go up to 16ft in length but as with our boards these can be cut to any custom length smaller than this.

Reclaimed tubes for rustic character

These are reclaimed tubes so they have a good amount of character, just like our boards, but they can be cleaned up, painted, or given various other treatments by customers should they wish to.

Why would I need one?

We've had so many requests for these tubes, and the reasons customers have wanted them have been as varied as they have been numerous. The classic request is to make a piece of furniture from them, be it a desk, table, cabinet, or other type of storage. They're also great for custom style racking, and we in fact use them in our own warehouse for this purpose. They can be moved and re-arranged to almost any design imaginable, so they're really versatile.

We've also had customers request them for fencing, building a lean-to, building stages or a platform...the list goes on. The great thing about them is that they can be moved and adjusted endlessly.

How do I attach them to other tubes?

Good question! We will soon be listing attaching clamps, however we don't quite have them ready. Please do keep an eye on our website though (particularly this blog) as we will announce as soon as these are available. We are working as hard as we can to get those on as soon as possible. So at the moment it's just the tubes that are available, but we promise that the fixings and clamps are on their way soon.

Update - Clamps now available here!

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