Customer Projects #3

Customer Projects #3

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Yet more awesome projects completed by our customers!

This morning I thought I would have a quick check to see if we've had many more customer project photos, and the answer was a massive yes! More than I can really squeeze in to a blog! Thank you so much to all our customers, we love hearing from you :).

Starting strong with some epic dining tables

This dining table from customer G Parr is a real stunner. Using our Reclaimed Unsanded Scaffold Boards, Mr Parr put in the hard work to turn these raw boards in to this wonderful table below. It's been stained a dark colour and brought up to a lovely sheen to enhance the character of the grain. The legs are our V-Frame Industrial Legs in black, which pair so well with the tone of the wood and the colour scheme generally. With the pine flooring running perpendicular underneath and the mimimalist vibe throughout the rest of the room, this is a real winner.

Dark stained scaffold board table in minimilast room with pine flooring and green plants

Following from this is another table from a different customer. Possibly a dining table, although perhaps a desk, it's awesome either way. Again the customer has taken our Reclaimed Unsanded Boards, given them a softer brown stain than the one above, and paired with our Hairpin Legs, which give a really beautiful look and feel to the whole set up. We're always a fan of adding a plant or two, as this just brings out the tone of the wood so well. 

Scaffold board table in soft brown with hairpin legs and white chairs

Brown reclaimed wood table with chrome hairpin legs

Next up, kitchen worktops!

This is one of my favourites. I really respect the boldness of going with a scaffold board work top for a kitchen, as the temptation is instead to go with the standard fair offered by the kitchen company, who will come and size it up and guarantee a fit. However, by being bold and using a bespoke product, the customer here has created a truly unique worktop with a character which far surpasses any "off the shelf" options. Kudos!

This time the customer chose our Machine Sanded New Kiln Dried Boards. The machine sanding means that they are much more uniform and flat than they might otherwise be, which is essential for a work top. The cost is a little higher, but it's definitely worth it on an item which is to be a part of a project as big as a new kitchen.

Kitchen worktops made from machine sanded scaffold boards

Kitchen counters made from reclaimed timber from the scaff shop

Shelves, shelves, and more shelves

Shelving is an absolute staple when it comes to scaffold boards. They're the most popular product that we make, and customers also love making these themselves out of our raw boards. Rather than introduce each photo separately, I've lobbed a whole load in below, just for your inspiration. Some of them are from our Shelf Kits, and some from either reclaimed or new boards. The photo at the bottom shows my favourite shelf, the Chunky Reclaimed Shelf Kit.

Scaffold shelving with kilner jars for pasta

Wicker baskets on a scaffold timber shelf in a cloak room with scaffold board coat hangers

Shelves for pot plants and hanging plants in reclaimed pine from The Scaff Shop

Minimalist alcove shelving with scaffold boards

Interesting knick knacks on this scaffold board shelf

Scaffold board shelving used for model cars

Chunky scaffold board shelving used in a kitchen with striking accessories


Finally, a particularly functional shelving option in a shed

I just wanted to separate this one out from the photos above, as this one is more of a functional, practical use of the shelves, using them at a much longer length than usual with some matching brackets attached underneath. We love how these tie in with the timber structure so well and look like they're a part of the building.

Functional scaffold board shelving in a shed


Real photos from real customers

We're so lucky to have so many great customers who are willing to take the time to snap these photos and send them in with their feedback. Thank you so much for doing so, and we can't wait to hear from more of you in the future!

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