New Product - Scaffold Tube Clamps

New Product - Scaffold Tube Clamps

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Scaffold Tube Connectors are now available

A few weeks ago we listed our scaffold tubing after receiving a lot of requests for it from customers. For us it is a logical add-on to our ever popular scaffold boards, and it was great to see the positive reaction it received.

Now we can offer something better still - Scaffold Tube Clamps! These fittings will connect our scaffold tube at a variety of angles and positions, meaning that almost any design of frame or structure is possible.

The only limit is your imagination...

Cliché, I know, but it's true! These connectors offer an endless possibility of designs, structures and assemblies. They have a variety of angles, junctions, and fixing points (such as sunk in to the ground, or fixed to the wall), so that if you can imagine a design or purpose, then it's probably possible to make it.

Popular uses for them include hand rails, clothes rails, shop fit outs, racking, bases for furniture, gym exquipment and more.

We can't wait to discuss your ideas with you

We're possibly more excited about these than any of our customers, as they're something we have been wanting to add to our range for a long time. We're already planning some designs for our own office and workspace and can't wait to play with some ideas.

If you've got any ideas or designs you would like to discuss then please feel free to pop us an email and we'll do our best to help.

Frame kits coming soon

Our aim is to design some kits for specific assemblies, such as a table base kit, and even some exercise/gymnast type kits for home work outs and gyms. We're in the process of designing these so please keep an eye out and we'll be sure to post about them in our blog once we have them ready!

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