Customer Projects #2

Customer Projects #2

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Customer feedback photos make our day!

They really do. We love seeing your ideas and creativity come to life, so we really enjoy seeing the results via the feedback photos that you send to us. We love all feedback, but the photos just give us those extra thrills. Please keep 'em coming!

Chilled vibes from this pool-side barn

Our customer, Mr Rixton, bought a load of our Unsanded Reclaimed Boards in 9ft size and used them to clad his "Leisure Barn". They give the barn a beautiful, rustic finish, and look great sandwiched between the lush blue pool and the clear summer sky. What to do with the remaining boards? Build an awesome little bench.

scaffold boards used for cladding an outdoor barn

Scaffold board bench nect to scaffold board cladding

Another bit of creative cladding

Continuing on with the theme of cladding, check out this feature wall from our customer Mr Drane. This was another brilliant use of our Unsanded Reclaimed Scaffold Boards, this time in a conservatory re-fit. The boards have been fixed to the wall and a shelf attached too, to give a really stunning effect. Conservatory = levelled up.

 Scaffold board conservatory cladding

Scaffold wall pannelling in an outbuilding

Rustic timber effect on wall using scaffold boards

Pallet wood for some allotment edging

Here our pallet wood has been used very effectively to create raised beds in an allotment. The pallet wood is a really cost effective way to create borders and section off the different beds. People often go straight to sleepers or larger timbers, but for lower level beds like this then pallet wood is ideal.

Pallet woods used for rasied beds in an allotment

Cheeky bit of upcycling

Who doesn't love a bit of upcycling. This beautiful arrangement was created with an old item of furniture (the legs) and this time it was our New Kiln Dried Boards that made the beautiful top. We love the set up here - the basin, taps, and mirror all pair so well with the scaffold board top. We're always so impressed by our customer's ability to design an area so effectively.

Upcycled wooden furniture in a bathroom with scaffold board top

Corner shelf styling area

This shelf was created by a local customer as a nice little styling corner in their luxury rental in Bath. This was made using our Reclaimed Unsanded Scaffold Boards again and the customer created the under shelf supports and the holes for the hair dryer themselves. The finish is really effective and makes a very practical and stylish space for their customers.

Corner shelf for hair styling area using reclaimed scaffold boards

Amazing grain

We can't claim credit for the finish on this one below - this was made by a regular customer of ours using our New Kiln Dried Scaffold Boards. The kiln dried boards seem to have a particularly funky grain on them as you can see along the front edge. It makes the edge of the board really interesting visually, especially once oiled.

Scaffold board shelf in recess with very interesting grain pattern

Cute little kitchen shelf

We love this little shelf - it fills the space at the end of the overhead cuboards perfectly. This was specifically ordered as a shelf, one of our Reclaimed "Full Scaff" Shelf Kits, which comes with everything you need to put the shelf up, including the brackets and fixings.

Scaffold board kitchen shelf

Kitchen shelf made from scaffold boards with plants on

Pallets put to articstic use

Finally, we have this really interesting use of our pallet wood. The customer has used the pallets as a cut out border to create a mural type effect. As you can see, it's pretty funky!

Pallet wood used for mural art border cut out

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