Customer Projects #4

Customer Projects #4

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Our customers are better than yours

Just kidding. All customers are equal, right? Check out the projects our customers have made (below), and you might excuse me for feeling that ours a maybe a little bit better than average. Not that I'm at all biased...

Cupboard inspiration

These recent photos one of our customers sent in take DIY and scaffold board use to the next level - it's just so good. They turned our Reclaimed Unsanded Scaffold Boards in to two built-in cupboards. Angled alcoves like this are always tricky to turn in to a usable space, but in this instance they completely cracked it. Instead of going for the standard painted MDF option, they used raw, unsanded scaffold boards for the whole thing, giving a completely unique and original finish.


Built in scaffold board cupboards

Alcove wardrobes made from scaffold boards


Classic shelving

This next one is simple but really effective. It's two of our Reclaimed "Full Scaff" Shelf Kits, set round a radiator for a really lovely effect. The shelves look great against the painted wall, and the coffee making items and potted plant turn them in to an awesome feature.


Scaffold board shelving on painted blue wall

Next up, another alcove!

This time the customer has dressed up an alcove with some brick-effect wallpaper and our Hand Sanded Reclaimed Scaffold Boards, making her own shelves and giving this otherwise useless alcove a brilliant, industrial look. The bricks pair beautifully with the timber and brackets, and the lighting and curtain finish it off to a really striking final effect.


Sanded Scaffold Boards in an alcove


Scaffold Board Shelves with lighting and brick wall

Radiator shelving

Shelving again....I know. It's just that our boards are so good for shelving, that it's what many of our customer projects end up being. And I'm sure you'll agree that this Radiator Shelf Kit below looks awesome when paired with this really cool painting and plants.


Radiator Shelf Kit with plants and canvas print

Have I mentioned shelves?

I have just a few more photos of shelves, honestly. This time I just wanted to show how strong a scaffold board shelf can be if fitted correctly and using the appropriate fixings and brackets. So here is a selection of some sturdy shelves taking a whole range of contents, from bedroom storage to lots and lots and lots of books. The first photo shows our Chunky Reclaimed Hand Sanded Boards, the second and third are our Reclaimed Sanded Scaffold Boards.

 Chunky Scaffold Boards for bedroom storage

Scaffold Boards holding up comic book collections

Scaffold Board Shelving holding up many books


As always, thank you to you all for sending in these photos. We look at every single one, and they often do the rounds in our office - we're so chuffed to see our items being put to such uses. Thank you!

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